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Brent & Harrow Cyclists Winter 2016 Newsletter

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  • Cycle bridge concept for Neaden unveiled
  • Consultation on Carlton Vale cycle tracks
  • Harrow's major plans ignore cycling
  • Forthcoming events

Brent Cyclists

Brent Cyclists is the Brent group of the London Cycling Campaign

We exist to campaign for better cycling conditions in Brent, and to help more people to cycle in Brent.

LCC members who live in Brent are members of Brent Cyclists, and receive our newsletter along with the LCC magazine.

We also represent the interests of all who cycle, or would like to cycle, in Brent, and all interested may join our electronic mailing list.

Response from Mayor on A406 cycle crossing

When Sadiq Khan visited Brent Civic Centre for a People's Question Time in November 2016 I submitted the following written question:
Will you support the building of a safe crossing of the North Circular Road for cyclists in Brent?
A response has now been received, as follows:

Carlton Vale semi-segregated cycle track plan

To respond to the consultation go here. Closes 28 November 2016, 23:59.

Brent Cyclists' Response 28 November 2016
This is the response from Brent Cyclists, the local group in Brent of the London cycling Campaign. We represent approximately 200 LCC members who live in Brent, and we also aim to represent the interests of all who cycle, or wish to, in Brent. We have discussed details of this scheme at our meetings and on electronic and social media.

We welcome this scheme; however, we wish to point out two areas where the design may be problematic.

Firstly, on the south side of Carlton Vale, east of Fernhead Road, we have doubts that the painted mandatory cycle lane with parking outside it will be respected. We think parking may occur in the lane, or overlap into it without some physical separation. We would suggest either more orcas, or this lane raised to half pavement height. 

Secondly, the design of the junction with Fernhead Road is not quite satisfactory, as cars stopped at the stop line would obstruct the passage of westbound cyclists into the section of stepped cycle track. We suggest the stop line needs to be further south, and we would like a clearly marked cycle lane here, clearly continuous with the stepped track. A speed table on the end of Fernhead Road could be considered to re-enforce cycle priority.

We would prefer a 20mph limit everywhere in this scheme, in accordance with our usual policies, and we would prefer the semi-segregation to be as continuous as possible, considering that Carlton Vale is quite a busy road, and the aim is a scheme that makes it suitable for schoolchildren cycling. It is not clear that there is not the capacity for a slightly wider, eastbound, orca-separated cycle lane on the part of Carlton Vale adjacent to the roundabout, if there were not an attempt to fit in three south and west-bound general lanes, plus hatching, for a short stretch. We suggest there is not that much southbound traffic heading for Kilburn Lane and Fernhead Road that their lanes could not be combined up to the point at which they are split by an island, thus liberating width.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this scheme.

David Arditti
Co-ordinator, Brent Cyclists

The result of a long-term campaign by Brent Cyclists, we believe this scheme will be a big change for the better on this road. We also hope it will eventually form part of a good-quality route connecting Primrose Hill to Willesden and Kensal Green.
The consultation is here. The main elements are cycle tracks protected by Orcas on both the north and south sides of the part of the road in Brent. These feature bypasses of the bus-stops, and there are also new parallel cycle and pedestrian crossings to enable easy two-way cycling between Salusbury Road and Carlton Vale, without having to negotiate the Premier Corner gyratory (by Queens park Station).
Here is the road at present compared to what it should look like after the changes:
A part of the road on the south side is in Westminster, and the parts of the scheme in Westminster are less satisfactory than those in Brent.
We are asking people to respond to the consultation (closing date 28 November), and to ‘agree’ to the proposals and suggest additionally the following improvements:
  1. Orcas to be used on the south side of Carlton Vale in the Westminster section where there is only a painted mandatory cycle lane shown, to prevent cars parking on the cycle lane, or a raised cycle track there instead
  2. The stop line in Fernhead Road to be moved back so that cars stopped there do not obstruct access to the stepped cycle track, and possibly also a table to be installed over the end of Fernhead Road before that stop line to re-enforce the cycle priority
  3. The Orcas on the north side to start further west
  4. The 20mph limit to be applied to the Westminster part of the road as well

Cyclist injured at Olympic Way junction

We hear a sad report of a hit-and-run collision today at the junction of Fulton Road and Olympic Way, with a 15-year old cyclist injured. These details come from the Brent & Kilburn Times.

Scene of the incident photographed by our member Charlie Fernandes Read more... »

Walm Lane Public Realm Scheme

January 2016: Brent proposes a scheme involving a severe narrowing of Walm Lane (A407) near Willeden Green Staion. See attatched PDF. The scheme, extraordinairly, seems to have been designed by Sustrans, according to the stamp on the plan. Here is Brent Cyclists' response:

Brent Cross Cricklewood replacement A406 Tempelhof Bridge

This is a our comment on Barnet's planning application ref. 15/06571/RMA from the Brent Cross Cricklewood developers for the rebuiilt Tempelhof Avenue bridge across the North Circular (with a segregated cycle track). Read more... »

Campaign success: Brent plans its first on-road segregated cycle route

September 2015

We have learned from the council that funding is now in place via Transport for London to construct a segregated cycle route on the Brent section of Carlton Vale in South Kilburn. This is a plan for which Brent Cyclists has been campaigning for some time, and we are delighted at this news. If it goes through consultation successfully it will become the first on-road segregated cycle facilitiy in Brent. Taken together with other work in progressing some our other Space for Cycling Ward Asks and Top Ten Quick Wins, and the regular formal contact we now have with councillors and officers through a Cycle Forum, we consider and hope that this may mark the start of a new and more constructive era of co-operation between Brent Cyclists and the council, which we have often had to criticise in the past for a poor record of progressing cycling improvements.

Carlton Vale Read more... »

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