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Brent Cross Cricklewood replacement A406 Tempelhof Bridge

This is a our comment on Barnet's planning application ref. 15/06571/RMA from the Brent Cross Cricklewood developers for the rebuiilt Tempelhof Avenue bridge across the North Circular (with a segregated cycle track).

The is a response on behalf of Brent Cyclists, the local group in Brent of the London Cycling Campaign. We represent around 200 members in Brent, and aim to represent the interests of all who cycle or would like to cycle in NW London.

As we have repeatedly commented at many stages of this planning process, paths shared between cyclists and pedestrians are bad practice, ineffective, unsafe, and should not be designed into this development. Cycling should be treated like a proper flow of traffic, with proper junctions with roads and clear priorities, with signals where necessary, not mixed up with pedestrian movements in some confusing shared space paradigm. This is planning for failure of the cycling infrastructure as a practical facility for cyclists, and for annoyance of pedestrians.

The segregated cycle track on Tempehof Avenue Bridge is a good idea in principle, but it needs to be part of continuous, well-planned segregated cycling infrastructure making a usable and efficient route. Instead it is planned to give up immediately after the bridge itself, giving way to confusing 'shared use', as if the designers do not understand how to treat cycle traffic.

There are now good examples of how it should be done in London that they should study, such as Cycle Superhighway 5 across Vauxhall Bridge and through the Vauxhall Cross gyratory. This provides a clear and wide path for cycling in two directions, separate from both motor vehicles and pedestrians at all points.
David Arditti
Co-ordinator, Brent Cyclists
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