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Campaign overview

Brent Cyclists campaigns to improve conditions for cycling in the borough to get more people cycling and improve the experience of those who do so already.

We do this by:

  • Attending meetings with councillors, council officers and others, such as private developers, and forums such as the Brent Area Consultative Forums, to put the cyclists' point of view
  • Writing letters to the local papers and sending out press releases
  • Responding to consultations on changes to the roads and on all transport-related subjects in Brent and on its borders
  • Writing to and meeting GLA members and MPs
  • Co-ordinating with other cycling groups and the campaigns of London Cycling Campaign centrally and other environmental groups, such as Brent Friends of the Earth, the London Campaign for Better Transport, and Sustrans in London, where appropriate
  • Working with other local groups concerned about road safety, such as residents' groups, where appropriate
  • Lobbying Transport for London, the Mayor of London, the councils of adjacent boroughs, developers and other businesses

To get an idea of our recent and ongoing campaigning activity, see our Newsletters. Our major campaign themes are listed on this page.

To get involved and tell us what you think we should be campaigning on, come to one of our meetings, or talk to us through our email group, our Facebook Page or our Twitter feed (follow us on @BrentCyclists).

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