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Church Road, Craven Park to Neasden Lane.

Brent Council are proposing changes to Church Road, Craven Park to Neasden Lane.

This includes new pedestrian crossings, entry treatments, surfacings and a box junction.

Brent Cyclists' response:

Brent Cyclists support proposals to improve safety on Church Road, however the proposed changes miss some key points which will improve pedestrian and cyclist safety. Church Road has a racetrack like geometry. This should be mitigated. There is space for cycle paths on this road, by removing the median separation. The junction between Craven Park and Church Road should be tightened. This can be acheived by removing the triangle and making a standard t-junction. By removing the triangle there is only a need for a straight-across zebra crossing over Church Road, rather than the slow 3-stage crossing proposed. Also, Hawkins Road and Suffolk Road form part of a cycle route connecting to Woodheyes Road and Roundwood Park. The proposals do little to improve this route.

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