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Minor improvements

This is a list of small changes or 'easy wins' we would like Brent council to make to roads or cycle facilities that would make cycling easier for little cost.

Feel free to suggest further examples.

Neasden Subway dropped kerb
Install a dropped kerb in Neasden Lane North, north side, to allow cyclists to more conveniently access the subway under the North Circular Road, which is supposed to be a shared cycle/pedestrain facility. This dropped kerb used to exist, but it was removed during pavement works about 2010 and not replaced.

Neasden Subway barriers
Reduce the number of barriers in Neasden subway to make it more practical for cyclists to actually use. There are opposing pairs of barriers at both the bottom and top of the ramps on both the east and west sides (total of eight barriers). While we appreciate we don't want cyclists going fast in this space, they can't anyway because of the sharp corners. Eight barriers is overkill and they get in everybody's way, cycling or walking. We suggest removing at least one of each pair. (This is a temporary fix. Long-term, this subway needs replacing with another crossing of the North Circular Road, as it is not really suitable for cycling.)

Bridge across the Brent adjacent to Chalkhill Recereation Ground 
Remove the barriers across this quiet shared cycle/pedestrian path and bridge. The sharp turns are sufficient to slow cyclists down; the barriers just encourage cyclists to cycle on the grass/earth slope (by the path from Lawrence Way) to avoid them.

Dog Lane Underpass
Make cycling legal in this subway under the North Circular Road (adjacent to the Iron Bridge) and on the ramps leading to it, and signpost it. Do not install more barriers. Make cycling legal on the pavement of the North Circular Road between the subway and Village Way. (Again, this is just a stop-gap short-term fix for the issue of a lack of proper cycle crossing of the North Circular Road in Neasden).

Cycle contraflow on Nicoll Road
Remove or alter the railings in Craven Park Road at the junction with Nicoll Road to make the cycle contraflow, on the LCN route to Park Royal, useable, that is, actually acessible from the road.

Bridge Road, Wembley, opposite Wembley Park Station
Make gaps in the railings and dropped kerbs so that cyclists can get between the westbound carriageway of Bridge Road and the ramps which lead down to Olympic Way and North End Road. North End Road leads to the Brent River Cycle Path, but it is awkward to access at the Wembley Park end because of these railings, and the design of the top end of North End Road, with steps. Making this accessable would help cycling to the Ark Academy, amonst other journeys. As a first step, make gaps in the railings. As a second step, redesign the ramps and steps leading into North End Road.

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