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One-way streets

Following changes in legislation it is now easy for local authorities to designate one-way streets for two-way cycling, without the addition of costly and excessive infrastructure, and several London bououghs have been making considerable progress in doing this.

Brent so far has few such examples, however.

Here is a gallery of photos of streets in Brent which would be highly suitable for cycling exceptions, which would be safe, and would greatly increase the convenience of cycling in the borough.

Norton Road, Wembley: Making this short section two-way for bikes would give access to the paths across One Tree Hill recreation ground, and allow the creation of a quiet route from Wembley Central to Perivale.

Keyes Road and Hoveden Road NW2: Exempting cyclists from the small one-wasy circuit created by these roads would allow easy access to Cricklewood town centre from the west via the road closure at the end of Keyes Road, and make Lydford Road into a more useful cycle through-route, allowing congested Walm Lane to be bypassed.

Buckingham Road and Wendover Road, Harlesden: Would allow cyclists to avoid parts of the Harleden one-way system

Brampton Road and Berkeley Road, Kingsbury: These one-way roads are the only through roads between Princes Avenue, which has two schools on it, and Kinsbury Road, a main shopping street, with a tube station. The one-way system to manage motor traffic makes travel by bike here less convenient and more hazardous. It would help cycling to the schools and local shops to introduce cycle contraflows.

Manor Drive, Wembley
Making a simple cyclists' exception and gap at the beginning of the one-way section of Manor Drive would create a cycling alternative to most of the busy B4565 Empire Way.

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