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Top Ten Quick Wins

This list of suggested infrastructure improvements in Brent was submitted to the council in early 2015 in response to a request for schemes that could potentially be delived quickly and at low cost.

They are a mixture of some of the Space for Cycling Ward Asks and other issues, some of which feature on our minor improvements or one-way streets campaign pages.

They were selected to cover the various parts of the borough and to be (hopefully) uncontrovertial and in principle straightforward to deliver, yet achieve major local benefits for cycling. The range from fairly large schemes at the beginning of the list, that would need significant funding, to much smaller changes at the end. They do not include the major Space for Cycling demands for segregated provision on various main roads in the borough that are our longer-term aim, but would require major funding and a great deal of planing work.

We will keep this list up to date with the current status of these schemes.

  1. Create cycle paths alongside Fryent Way through Fryent Country Park (Space for Cycling Fryent Ward Ask) Status: not yet being progressed
  2. Create a cycle route from Wembley Triangle to Wembley Park through the development land (To complete this route a signalised crossing is needed across Wembley Hill Road to allow access to the White Horse Bridge, and formally allowing cycling against the ‘no entry’ into Wembley Park Boulevard from Olympic Way) (Space for Cycling Tokyington Ward Ask) Status: we believe there is or will be a study of this connected to the Quintain development of Wembley Park, through whose land the link must run. The route we are asking for is included in Quintain's current plans as a 'priority cycle route'.
  3. Allow cycling between the two halves of Christchurch Avenue by opening up the barrier at Brondersbury Park (Space for Cycling Brondesbury Ward Ask) Status: being studied.
  4. Create a contraflow lane to allow cycling from Wembley High Road into St John’s Road Status: being studied.
  5. Open up the barrier for cycling between Pont Place and Tokyington Avenue Status: being studied.
  6. Create a dropped kerb to allow access from Neasden Lane North (southbound) into Neasden Subway, and remove the overlapping barriers on the ramps into the subway Status: being studied.
  7. Formally allow cycling through the subway under the North Circular at the Iron Bridge, and on the paths and footways leading up to this, particularly on the footway on the north side of the North Circular between the Iron Bridge and Village Way Status: not being progressed, but a study of options for a new cycle crossing of the North Circular in Neasen is taking place, which wolud potentially supercede this idea.
  8. Allow contraflow cycling in Clifford Gardens Status: being studied.
  9. Allow contraflow cycling in the minor roads off Ealing Road: Douglas Avenue, Clayton Avenue, Bowrons Avenue and Eagle Road Status: being studied.
  10. Allow contraflow cycling on Keyes Road and Hoveden Road, Cricklewood Status: being studied
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