April 15, 2024
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  • 1:46 pm Draft Brent Active Travel Implementation Plan 2024-2029
  • 3:24 pm Wembley Central to Willesden Junction Cycleway: A Significant Opportunity for Better Walking and Cycling in Brent
  • 6:59 pm Wembley to Willesden Junction walking and cycling changes
  • 10:00 pm AGM 2023
  • 12:31 pm Climate Ambassadors
School Streets | Brent Cycling Campaign

Building on its previous programme, Brent Council rolled out a number of Emergency School Streets schemes in September last year, as part of its Covid Transport Recovery Plan. They were implemented as an urgent response to the need for more space outside schools to enable safe distancing, to keep children away from motor traffic danger and to limit the effects of air pollution.

If you haven’t done so already, the time has come to voice your support for your local School Streets scheme. Most consultations will close at the end of July but you can share your views now. Find your local scheme from this list and follow the link.

School Streets are a very simple measure that has proven to be highly effective at keeping the street outside a school safe. It restricts access to motor vehicles for around one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. The scheme is operational only on weekdays and during term times. This gives the children a safer space and motivates them to scoot or cycle whilst supporting parents to actively travel to school.

They have wide ranging benefits: from a greater ability to focus on schoolwork, to support children’s independent mobility. The positive effects of active travel to school last throughout the day and all the way through adulthood. School Streets elsewhere have also shown a decrease in motor traffic in surrounding streets as parents switch to a more sustainable mode of transport. The whole area can benefit.

Spread the word within your school community, encourage people to respond and ask the school leadership to include the relevant information in the school newsletter or any other channel they may use to communicate with parents. Feel free to download a higher resolution version of the poster below, and here is a picture to attach to a social media post. If your School Streets becomes permanent, the council will eventually replace the cones or barriers, currently used, with ANPR cameras.

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