April 18, 2021
  • 12:07 pm It’s decision time
  • 11:31 am Northwick Park Redevelopment
  • 11:16 am Dudden Hill Lane/Willesden High Road Junction
  • 6:00 pm High Road Junction with Church Road and Willesden Lane
  • 4:45 pm Statement on the fatal collision at the junction of Furness Road/Harrow Road on Tuesday 16th March 2021

To accommodate new facilities there may be some changes to bus lanes and bus stops, however we will aim to minimise the impacts for bus passengers and seek opportunities to improve bus accessibility wherever possible.

There may also be changes to some bus stop layouts, road alignment, inset bays, and introduction of continued protected cycle facilities past bus stops, such as bus stop bypasses, to help people cycling avoid interactions with
vehicles. We are keen to maintain or enhance bus infrastructure within this scheme and others. We need to ensure buses can turn, stand and pick up / set down passengers in accordance with the demands of the network. Find out more about bus bypasses.

Sylvia Gauthereau

Sylvia is the current Brent Cycling Campaign Coordinator. She is a Cricklewood resident and a cargobike mum of two.


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