September 20, 2020
  • 3:47 pm Annual General Meeting 2020
  • 2:11 pm Gear Change: New walking and cycling government guidance
  • 5:18 pm Electric Vehicle Charging Points (TO-27-004)
  • 6:28 pm Update: Brent Streetspace allocation: £663,976
  • 6:14 pm Emergency measures? What do you mean?
Pavement widening in Wmbley | Brent Cycling Campaign
Pavement widening in Wembley | Ph. Charlie Fernandes (@charliecycling)

In area where pavements are narrow and footfall is high, people need more space to pass each other at the recommended physical distance. In some areas, there may be obstructions to pedestrians due to a particular layout.

The Council has started on these measures by widening the space for pedestrians on the pavement. This was achieved with block barriers installed on the road, in effect, extending or doubling the size of the pavement so people can be safe when stepping on the road.

Ramps need to be installed with enough allowance to make it easy and comfortable for wheelchair users, mobility scooters and families with strollers, to go up and down the pavement without any inconvenience.

In some places, it may be necessary to suspend parking. Provision for disabled parking however will remain, and if absolutely necessary to be moved, it would need to somewhere else nearby which still offer convenient access.

Parking are not linked to level of customers and spending. On the contrary, people coming to shop on foot, cycling or by public transport spend on average 30% to 40% more than those coming in a private motor vehicle. Read the research by London Business Improvement Districts (source: Survey of London BIDS) to find out more.

Sylvia Gauthereau

Sylvia is the current Brent Cycling Campaign Coordinator. She is a Cricklewood resident and a cargobike mum of two.


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