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Gate between Capitol Way and Stag Lane

A response to a scheme for opening the gate between Capitol Way and Stag Lane NW9 for buses. Communicated by post 28 September 2018, this was not on the Brent Council website.

Dear Mr Nere,
I am responding to this on behalf of Brent Cycling Campaign, the local group of the London Cycling Campaign in Brent. We represent directly about 200 members of the London Cycling Campaign in Brent, and try to represent the interests of all who cycle in the borough.
Thanks for the information about this. We have discussed these proposals at one of our meetings.
We have no objection to altering the gate at Capitol Way to allow buses through, so long as lorries are really prevented from accessing.
Note that currently much illegal parking of lorries occurs in Capitol Way, causing poor sight-lines at the corners, and some danger. Often drivers seem to be sleeping in there. The council does not appear to be able to tackle this problem effectively.
If it is possible to allow buses only through the connection between Capitol Way and Stag Lane, we suggest it would be best alter the connection to ban all other motor vehicles, including cars, from using it. With the much higher density of motor usage of Capitol Way coming now with the development of new flats and shops there, with large new car parks, in addition to the traffic already generated by ASDA and other businesses, it is desirable to prevent overspill of this traffic into Stag Lane, which already has far too much traffic for an unclassified road of its narrow width and residential character. As Capitol Way is constructed as a loop, it would be perfectly possible, and more desirable, to have all motor traffic apart from buses both entering and exiting via the signal-controlled junction with the A5.
Finally, a separate point, the lorry ban in place on Stag Lane is ineffective, as it is unenforced. Lorries regularly access Stag Lane at both ends, and from Mollison Way. We would like to see camera enforcement of the lorry ban on Stag Lane.


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