April 15, 2024
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In October 2019 Brent Council consulted on a 20 mph Zone in Barn Hill, encompassing a large number of residential roads North-East of The Avenue. Brent Cycling Campaign discussed this proposal and sent the following response. In summary we are in favour of 20 mph zones; however, these must be combined with restrictions to rat running motor traffic in order to make roads without cycle infrastructure safe spaces for people of all ages and abilities.

This is the response on behalf of Brent Cycling Campaign. We are the local group of the London Cycling Campaign in Brent, representing approximately 250 supporters in the London Borough of Brent, and anyone else who wishes to improve facilities for cycling within and without the Borough.

We support this scheme for the following reasons:

  • Lowering speeds to 20 mph will reduce potential harm in the event that a collision does occur.
  • Lower speeds will reduce the likelihood of collisions due to reducing stopping distances.
  • Lower speeds will make crossing roads easier for pedestrians. We support the use of raised tables with sinusoidal cross section, as these do not negatively impact cycling, but do slow motor traffic.
  • Zebra crossings ensure pedestrian priority at road crossings.
  • Restricted junction radii will improve visibility of vulnerable road user and reduce turning speeds.

We have the following concerns with the scheme:

To make streets safe for cycling two conditions must be in place, otherwise separate cycle infrastructure is required. Low vehicle speeds and low motor vehicle numbers are essential for on street cycling. These proposals will only meet one requirement: low vehicle speeds. As the area is entirely residential and self-contained we recommend a series of modal filters to reduce through motor traffic. We recommend the following improvements:

  • Close Barn Hill entrance from Forty Avenue N-bound to motor traffic. This will reduce high speed motor traffic movement N-bound along Barn Hill and remove the danger for cyclists travelling from Bridge Road to Forty Avenue (E-Bound) from motor vehicles travelling from Bridge Road to Barn Hill (N-Bound).
  • Close junction of Corringham Road with Forty Avenue to S-bound motor traffic to reduce total motor vehicle movements through entire area between Corringham Road and Barn Hill.
  • Close Barn Rise at Forty Avenue junction to through motor traffic to reduce rat running.
  • Close spur road around green connecting Basing Hill to The Avenue to through motor traffic.
  • Close one side of Lawns Court to through motor traffic.
  • Further improvements should consider dividing the area in two to significantly reduce rat running, this could be achieved by modal filters at the following locations: Charlton Road at the junction with Brampton Hill; Barn Way (NW) at the junction with Brampton HIll; Barn Hill, complete modal filter for all directions at the junction with Barn Rise.
Brent Cycling Campaign


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