April 18, 2021
  • 12:07 pm It’s decision time
  • 11:31 am Northwick Park Redevelopment
  • 11:16 am Dudden Hill Lane/Willesden High Road Junction
  • 6:00 pm High Road Junction with Church Road and Willesden Lane
  • 4:45 pm Statement on the fatal collision at the junction of Furness Road/Harrow Road on Tuesday 16th March 2021

We want to ensure that London’s streets are safe and accessible for everyone who wants to cycle, and that cycling becomes a realistic choice for more people. Our research has highlighted the main reasons why people currently choose not to cycle in London, and our investment in cycling is targeted at helping break down these barriers for more Londoners.

Road danger is the number one barrier to cycling, and these improvements will help less confident people to feel safer to cycle. We also know that many Londoners who would like to cycle can’t cycle yet, or don’t feel confident enough to start. For these people, London Borough of Brent offers free Cycle training. More information can be found on the Council’s cycling website. There are adapted bikes for disabled people, and organisations like Wheels for Wellbeing can help with training. According to TfL, 12% of Disabled people cycle regularly or occasionally, compared to 17% of non-Disabled people. And the annual survey by Wheels for Wellbeing shows that ¾ use their cycle as a mobility aid. You an find out more about people with disabilities and cycling from Wheels for Wellbeing’s Guide to Inclusive Cycling. Cargobikes can transport young children as well as bulky items and cargo trike can help people with balance issue, providing independent mobility and active travel levels that benefit physical and mental health.

Find out more about the potential of cycling beyond the standard two wheels for one person on Beyond The Bicycle Coalition website.

Sylvia Gauthereau

Sylvia is the current Brent Cycling Campaign Coordinator. She is a Cricklewood resident and a cargobike mum of two.


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