May 26, 2022
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  • 9:12 pm Brent’s Long Term Transport Strategy
  • 6:15 pm Open Letter to Cllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council
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  • 9:06 pm FREE Cycling Activities and rides
Section of Kingsbury Road in question

This is the BCC response 28 February 2020 to this consultation.

This is the response from Brent Cycling Campaign, the local group of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) in Brent, representing approximately 250 LCC members in the borough, and anyone else who wishes to improve conditions for cycling and walking locally.

We fell the need to ‘disagree’ with this scheme as we would like the cycle paths that have been constructed on Kingsbury Road west of Valley Drive eventually to be continued for the full length of the road. Creation of a bus lane here mitigates against this, taking some of the carriageway space needed. While a bus lane may provide some benefit for cyclists, the proposals for this one are inadequate to the purpose, being ‘peak hours’ only, and in one direction only. Cycling needs to be made comfortable and safe for those who want to travel at any time. In addition, space for cycling would preferentially be provided in the other direction (westbound), as cyclists are more vulnerable when going uphill. For bus travel the benefits of this scheme seem very marginal. We’d like to see the space-wasting centre hatching markings on the part of the road west of Derwent Avenue reviewed. The carriageway space on this wide road could be used far better.