October 22, 2021
  • 9:40 pm Code Red. Choose Cycling
  • 9:06 pm FREE Cycling Activities in Brent
  • 9:34 pm North End Road Junction in Wembley fails people walking and cycling
  • 6:54 pm Wembley Hill Drive Junction Improvement Scheme
  • 6:17 pm “The political will is there and we have a thick skin,” says Leader of the Council.
The crossing under discussion (Google Earth)

This is the BCC response, 6 March 2020, to this consultation.

This is the response from Brent Cycling Campaign, the local group of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) in Brent, representing approximately 250 LCC members in the borough, and anyone else who wishes to improve conditions for cycling and walking locally.

Our opposition to this scheme in its current form arises from these considerations:

1) The scheme ignores cycling, and ignores the fact that a cycle path currently just stops by this crossing, with many cyclists using the crossing as a safer alternative to riding round Kingsbury Circle;

2) The scheme proposes an inconvenient, two-stage, staggered crossing solution for pedestrians, making them walk further;

3) The scheme proposes road widening from two lanes to four, which will encourage more traffic in future;

4) The scheme proposes to remove verge space that is needed for future cycle paths alongside Fryent Way.

We are not fundamentally opposed to a light-controlled crossing at this point, provided it is efficient for pedestrians, with a single, short wait, and that it does not make them walk further than they currently need to. We would like to see a parallel cycle crossing linked to the cycle path from Kingsbury Road. This will not currently connect to a cycle path on the west side, but we would like to see this developed in the longer term. We do not think the road should be widened to create addition vehicle queuing lanes. This is counter-productive and against climate strategy and Healthy Streets aims. No more space should be allocated to motor traffic. In the long term we would, rather, like to see cycle facilities built along, or parallel to, Fryent Way.



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