April 10, 2020
  • 12:45 pm Wembley to Willesden Junction Healthy Streets
  • 3:06 pm New report calls for step-change in way Brent Council deals with air pollution
  • 6:00 pm Cycle Storage
  • 12:24 pm Forty Lane/Blackbird Hill Proposed Road Safety Improvements
  • 7:52 pm Fryent Way Proposed Crossing Upgrade
  • 8:25 pm Kingsbury Road East of Church Lane Peak Time Bus Lane Proposals
  • 5:51 pm Church Lane NW9 Proposed Road Safety improvements

Brent Council proposed the introduction of 25 bicycle hangars in Brent in February 2020. Brent Cycle Campaign responded to every consultation supporting the bike hangar with the following text.

Bike Shelter | Brent Cycling Campaign
A Bike Hangar of the type Brent Council are consulting on.

This is the response on behalf of Brent Cycling Campaign. We are the local group of the London Cycling Campaign in Brent, representing approximately 250 supporters in the London Borough of Brent, and anyone else who wishes to improve facilities for cycling within and without the Borough.

We support this scheme for the following reasons:

– This makes it easier to park a bike for Brent residents,

– This discourages car use and car ownership.

We would like to see the following improvements:

– Cycle storage suitable for non-standard cycles, such as hand-cycles and cargo-bikes;

– A reduction in the cost of these facilities to reflect space used per bike (in comparison to the cost of a single car parking space);

– An expansion of this scheme to cover areas in the north of the borough.

– Addition of space for visitors’ bicycles.

Brent Cycling Campaign


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