April 10, 2020
  • 12:45 pm Wembley to Willesden Junction Healthy Streets
  • 3:06 pm New report calls for step-change in way Brent Council deals with air pollution
  • 6:00 pm Cycle Storage
  • 12:24 pm Forty Lane/Blackbird Hill Proposed Road Safety Improvements
  • 7:52 pm Fryent Way Proposed Crossing Upgrade
  • 8:25 pm Kingsbury Road East of Church Lane Peak Time Bus Lane Proposals
  • 5:51 pm Church Lane NW9 Proposed Road Safety improvements

Brent Council consulted on changes to Church Lane NW9. Proposing a speed table at this location. Brent Cycling Campaign opposed this scheme and responded as follows.

This is the response on behalf of Brent Cycling Campaign. We are the local group of the London Cycling Campaign in Brent, representing approximately 250 supporters in the London Borough of Brent, and anyone else who wishes to improve facilities for cycling within and without the Borough.

We oppose this scheme for the following reasons:
– This scheme will do little to improve pedestrian safety and nothing to improve cycle safety.

We suggest the following changes:
– A straight across Zebra crossing on a speed table instead of the staggered uncontrolled pedestrian crossing proposed.
– A 20 mph speed limit (reduced from 30 mph currently), implemented as part of an area wide scheme.
– Removal of the central hatching, and reallocation of the space to active travel as segregated cycle lanes

Brent Cycling Campaign


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