May 26, 2022
  • 7:49 pm 5 Elections 2022 Asks
  • 9:40 pm Code Red. Choose Cycling
  • 9:12 pm Brent’s Long Term Transport Strategy
  • 6:15 pm Open Letter to Cllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council
  • 7:30 pm Books make great gifts
  • 9:06 pm FREE Cycling Activities and rides


Protected space for cycling on main roads


Build the Bradley Wiggins Way route on Carlton Vale with segregated or semi-segregated cycle tracks


Brent needs a flagship high-quality cycle scheme that could be delivered quickly. There is space on this road to do this, and it would be useful to all sections of the community in South Kilburn, including providing a better route for many children to various local schools.

This concept for a high-grade cycle route on Carlton Vale in Brent and Westminster is named after Olympic and Tour de France champion cyclist Bradly Wiggins, who grew up in Dibden House, on the corner of Carlton Vale and Maida Vale.

Extensive redevelopment of the South Kilburn Estate in Carlton Vale is taking place anyway, and so there is an ideal opportunity to incoprorate this change with that programme. In addition, the Falcon junction at Queens Park, at the west end of Carlton Vale, is due to be reconstructed as part of another development, and so a Carlton Vale cycleway could easily be connected both northwards to Brondesbury Park, and westwards to Kensal Green, with safe cycle infrastructure (see also our ask for Queens Park Ward).

Carlton Vale.jpg

What Carlton Vale looks like now: an excessively wide street with wasted space that could be used for protected cycle infrastructure



A model for how Carlton Vale could be changed to make it better for cycling, and better for everyone: Royal College Street in Camden


A concept drawing for how Carlton Vale could be changed to make it better for cycling, and better for everyone.


How Bradley Wiggins Way on Carlton Vale would fit in with a cycle network in south Brent and adjacent areas of Westminster and Camden

Google Street View for Carlton Vale


Brent Cycling Campaign



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