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Bike Shelter | Brent Cycling Campaign

According to the Mayor’s Cycling Action Plan as detailed in his Transport Strategy, “The number, quality and range of types of cycle parking spaces available must not only keep pace with the growing use of cycles in London, but also needs to allow for the substantial future growth set out in the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling. Some, more accessible locations will see higher-than-average increases in cycling, and so will need cycle parking to support this level of use. “

In the Council’s Cycling Strategy document, updated in 2017, the target for providing cycle parking spaces was 50 per year to achieve 300 new facilities by 2020/21.


Residents seeking to get a cycle hangar, need to contact the council directly. Requests along with postal addresses are then entered in a mapping system to see where there is a high demand.

The cycle parking program is managed by hangar providers such as Cyclehoop and Falco, on behalf of the Council. Once a new location has been identified by the Council, based on high demand and suitability, it runs a 21 days consultation to seek the views of local residents. Relevant ward councillors and residents associations will also be notified one week before that. If the consultation is successful, the Council will then instructed providers with proceeding with the installation.

Usage costs depend on the suppliers and vary between £36-£42 per year, plus a key deposit, for 24-hour access to a secure cycle parking near your home. This is subsidised up to 50% by the council for the first 3 years.


We have heard of teething problems and long waiting times from residents. The Council confirmed that there has been some issues but said they are now back on track. The target for this year was to provide 10 new cycle shelters but 47 were approved in March and a further 60 will be installed thanks to £160k funding from Transport for London.

The most likely objection you will have to face if you are trying to get a shelter on your road is around loss of parking space. Sadly this is still something that could trigger a no from the Council. So we recommend that you actively campaign for it with your neighbours to maximise a successful outcome. Not having a place to securely keep a bicycle is one of the major barriers to cycling uptake. Since we know how important active travel is, it’s well worth a few evenings leafleting and weekend meetings over some tea and cakes to engage with others.


One helpful resource to help you along is the 10 Indicators for Healthy Streets. You can then highlight the importance of Active Travel, which a secured shelter can enable. And of course the effects of pollution from motor traffic on public health, which is something that affects us all whether we choose to drive or not.

In Brent, car ownership per households stands at 50%, it’s only fair that those who choose cycling as a mode of transport also have access to parking facilities near their homes. Invite those who oppose the idea of allocating one parking space for up to six bicycles, to take a look at your road. Ask them to point out where is the balance in distributing that space you all share.

Update March 2020: Read the Council’s press release about the latest round of hangars.

Sylvia Gauthereau

Sylvia is the current Brent Cycling Campaign Coordinator. She is a Cricklewood resident and a cargobike mum of two.


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